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Teaching Modules

ASM / GEMSEC Teachers Materials Camp 2008 Teaching Modules

Six teaching modules developed at Teachers Materials Camp 2008:

Assessing Nano-tech Products

  • Investigating claims of nano-tech products
  • Laboratory testing of nano-tech enabled products
  • Implications of nano-tech products in every-day life
  • Teaching Module Materials

Organic Nanostructures

  • Investigating differences in the mechanical properies of shells
  • Learning about biological composites
  • Teaching Module Materials

Understanding Nano-scale

Silver Nano-particles

  • Understanding how material properties change as size scale changes.
  • Demonstrating that the bond density changes with the size of a nanocrystal.
  • Reviewing the concepts of color, absorption and transmission of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Teaching Module Materials

GEPIs and Biomimetics

  • Introducing the concept of biomimetics
  • Introducing the concept of genetically engineered peptides for inorganics (GEPIs)
  • Teaching Module Materials

Biomimetics and Spidersilk

  • Introducing the concept of biomimetics
  • Introducing the concept of elasticity in fibers
  • Developing critical thinking and accurate estimation skills
  • Teaching Module Materials


BioNano RET 2006 Teaching Modules

Four teaching modules developed at BioNano 2006:

AFM (Atomic Force Microscope)


  • Protein Engineering
  • Model of Molecular Structure
  • Computer and Phyiscal Models
  • Bacterial Protein Fabrication

Self Assembly

Microscopy (Imaging with Lenses)

  • Seeing Across Scales
  • Optical Bench
  • Ligh Optical Microscopes
  • Scanning Electron Microscope


Teaching module developed in partnership with the "Science for Success" (SFS) program for the Center of Nanotechnology (CNT), University of Washington:

Building a Rainbow - demonstrating scientific concepts of electrochemistry and optics (interference of light waves).