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Research Highlights

  1. Image In-silico Design of Novel Inorganic-Binding Peptides
  2. Image Engineered Evolution of Inorganic-Binding Peptides
  3. Image Nonequilibrium Synthesis and Assembly of Hybrid Inorganic-Protein Nanostructures Using an Engineered DNA Binding Protein
  4. Image Engineering DNA Binding Proteins for Binding Inorganic Particles
  5. Image Biological Linkers for Plasmonic Fluorescence Enhancement
  6. Image Conformational Control of Designer Protein-Inorganic Adhesion
  7. Image Maneuvering the Optical Properties of Silver Nanostructures through Shape-Controlled Synthesis
  8. Image Binding Kinetics & Thermodynamics of Genetically Engineered Peptides
  9. Image Biomolecular Recognition-Mediated Fabrication of Tunable Quantum Dot Arrays with Surface-Plasmon-Enhanced Fluorescence
  10. Image A Genetic Approach for Controlling Binding and Orientation of Proteins on Nanoparticles
  11. Image Adsorption, Diffusion, and Self-Assembly of an Engineered Gold Binding Peptide on Au(111) by AFM
  12. Image Molecular Biomimetics: Linking Peptides with Inorganic Structures
  13. Image Selection and Analysis of Solid-Binding Peptides
  14. Image Rapid Synthesis of Small Silver Nanocubes
  15. Image Excitation enhancement of CdSe QDs by single metal NPs
  16. Image Adsorption of GEPIs by Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (TOF-SIMS)
  17. Image Surface-plasmon-enhanced fluorescence from periodic QD arrays through distance control using biomolecular linkers
  18. Image Effect of Molecular Conformations on the Adsorption Behavior of Gold-Binding Peptides
  19. Image Quartz Binding Peptides as Molecular Linkers towards Fabricating Multifunctional Micropetterned Substrates
  20. Image Chemically Controlled Self-Assembly of Enzyme Nanorings
  21. Image Bioenabled Nanophotonics
  22. Image Molecular Design of Inorganic-Binding Polypeptides3
  23. Image Spatially Selective Assembly of Quantum Dot Light Emitters in an LED via Engineered Peptides