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The Keck Microscopy Facility provides training and access to light microscopy instrumentation for the entire University of Washington community as a cost center. Non-UW researchers may also use the Keck Microscopy Facility. Instrumentation includes confocal, widefield, and image restoration (deconvolution) microscopes. Access to image processing and analysis computers and software is also available.

Important! Bring a USB device to your imaging session! The Keck Facility microscopes (except the new Leica Confocal) have been disconnected from the internet. You need a USB device to transfer images off the microscopes.

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Training of new users, consultation with regard to selecting and optimizing imaging techniques, and advice on specimen preparation are available from the Keck Center manager, Nathaniel Peters.

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New at the Keck

The Keck Facility is under new management! The new Manager is Nathaniel Peters (

October 2014: The Keck Center has added a new confocal microscope. The new instrument is a Leica SP8X Confocal, funded by NIH's Shared Instrumentation Grant program. The SP8 confocal is equipped with a broad-spectrum excitation source and extremely sensitive detectors. Further details can be found on the Keck's equipment page.

10-24-2014 The DeltaVision-RT live-cell microscope has been retired after 8 years of service. Deconvolution experiments can be performed on the Leica Inverted microscope, and live-cell imaging can be done on the new Leica SP8X.

4-29-2014 The Keck Center rates have been updated as required annually. The confocal rate is unchanged, with only slight increases (4%) in confocal training and DeltaVision rates. The widefield rate increases by $5/hour while widefield training has a relatively smaller increase.

A Leica inverted microscope with automated stage and 4-color fluorescent detection is available for training and use. This microscope system is suitable for high-resolution deconvolution microscopy and image tiling for large areas.

4-2-2012 The Keck Rates have been updated. Note that confocal and Widefield rates are largely unchanged (training rates are slightly lower). The DeltaVision rates have been substantially reduced.

The Keck Center is provided administrative supported by the departments of Physiology & Biophysics and Pharmacology.

The Keck Imaging Center was founded as part of the W.M.Keck Center for Advanced Studies in Neural Signaling. This interdisciplinary center was established in 1990 through a grant from the W.M.Keck Foundation for researchers in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics and the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington to explore how nerve cells acquire, store and transmit information.


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The Keck Imaging Facility is located in the Health Sciences Building K-wing, Room 507. Directions to K-wing

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