May the FluOResCencE be with you!

The W. M. Keck Microscopy Center provides light microscopy and image analysis services to the University of Washington (UW) research community.  External, non-UW users may also use the Keck Center.

The Keck Center operates as a UW recharge center, and is supported by the departments of Physiology and Biophysics (PBio), Pharmacology, Genome Sciences, and Laboratory Medicine & Pathology (DLMP).

The Keck Center was established in 1990 as the W. M. Keck Center for Advanced Studies in Neural Signaling through a grant from the W .M. Keck Foundation so that researchers in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics (PBio) and the Department of Pharmacology could explore how nerve cells acquire, store and transmit information.

Please email the Keck Center manager, Dr. Nathaniel Peters, to arrange for:

Equipment training / reservation calendar access

Equipment demos

Assisted imaging

Consultation: Experimental design, Specimen preparation, Dye selection, etc.


Laser-Scanning Confocal Microscopes – Leica SP8X with LIGHTNING, Zeiss 710

Widefield Microscopes – Leica DMI6000, Nikon E600

Environmental Control Equipment

Image Analysis Software – IMARIS (Full License), LASX, FIJI


Laser-Scanning Confocal Microscopy

3D & 4D (timelapse) scanning, Mosaic tile-scanning*, Multi-point live imaging*, FRAP and FRET imaging*, Resonant scanning*, Sequential scanning up to 5 colors. Spectral scanning, Reflection scanning, LIGHTNING deconvolution for Super-resolution confocal imaging*

*Available on the Leica SP8X only

Widefield Microscopy

Multi-color fluorescence imaging, Brightfield, DIC, Phase Contrast, and RGB-color imaging, Z-series, Timelapse imaging, Mosaic tiling, Multi-point live imaging, Extended depth-of-field image processing

Image Analysis 

FIJI – ImageJ, LASX (Leica Application Suite) with 3D viewer

IMARIS Full License (UWSTF-funded)

Surface and Spot Analysis ,Particle Tracking and Lineage ,Co-localization, Vantage Plotting, XT capability, Cell Analysis, Filament (neuron & vessel) Tracer, Deconvolution Processing, Batch Processing, Animation