Image Processing Software and Workstations

The Keck Center maintains 2 PC workstations for image processing and analysis.

Analysis – IMARIS

  • Puget Systems AMD Threadripper TRX40 ATX workstation with 24-core processor, 4x Crucial DDR4-3200 32GB RAM (128GB total), Samsung Pro and EVO SSD hard drives, and a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB Founders Edition graphics card
  • IMARIS full license with surface, spot, vantage, particle tracking, co-localization, XT, cell, filament (neuron & vessel), deconvolution, batch processing, and animation modules
  • Free for UW students (UWSTF-funded), Image Analysis Rate applies for non-students
  • Reservations required

Analysis FIJI – LASX

  • Dell Precision T1700 basic workstation 
  • FIJI (ImageJ) software
  • LASX software (basic)
    • Manual fluorescence analysis
    • Co-localization
    • 3D viewer
    • TIFF exporting
    • Color merges
    • File management
  • This workstation is free to use for images acquired at the Keck Center
  • Reservations are required