Environmental Control Equipment

The Keck Center has 2 stage-top environmental control chambers for maintaining temperature and/or atmospheric conditions during live-imaging experiments. They can accept 35mm glass-bottomed culture dishes and chamber coverslips. The Keck Center maintains a collection of imaging dishes, chambers, and plates to help researchers plan their experiments.

Imaging Chamber Samples: ibidi, MatTek, Grenier, lumox

Warner QE-1HC Heated/Cooled 35mm dish Platform with LCS-1 Liquid Cooling System

This open, perfusion-capable, system accepts 35 mm coverglass-bottomed dishes and is capable of heating, cooling, and maintaining temperature in living, aqueous samples.

Pecon Heatable Mounting Frame KH-R 2000 with optional CO2 Cover KH & Heated Humidifier

This system can be used in an open configuration for temperature control only, or in a closed configuration with an optional gas-fed lid for maintaining a humidified, 5% CO2 atmosphere to maintain physiological pH during longer live-imaging experiments. It can accept both 35mm coverglass-bottomed dishes and chamber coverslips.