Widefield Microscopes

The Keck Center’s widefield microscope systems use fluorescent lamp excitation, filter cubes, and CCD monochrome and/or RGB-color cameras to produce fluorescent, brightfield, DIC, Phase Contrast, and/or RGB-color images. The motorized XY-stage on the Leica DMI6000 microscope allows for mosaic tiling of large tissue sections, both fluorescent and color-stained, and multi-point live imaging.  Widefield microscopes do not exclude out-of-focus light as scanning confocal microscopes do, so they are usually not suitable for imaging thick samples.

Leica Inverted Multi-Dimensional Widefield

  • Leica DMI6000 inverted microscope
  • 5X LWD, 10X LWD, 20X, 20X LWD and 40X LWD dry objectives
  • 40X and 100X Oil objectives
  • 63X water objective
  • BFP (blue), CFP (cyan), GFP (green), YFP (yellow), TexasRed (red), and CY5 (far red) filter cubes
  • Motorized filters, shutters, and Z-drive
  • Motorized stage for mosaic tiling and/or multi-point live-imaging
  • DIC optics
  • Phase Contrast optics (for use with long working distance (LWD) objectives)
  • Z-sectioning
  • Mosaic tiling
  • Multi-point acquisition for live imaging
  • Leica DFC365 FX CCD camera (fluorescence, brightfield, DIC, phase contrast)
  • Leica MC170HD Color camera (color – e.g., crystal violet, histological stains)
  • LASX software with Navigator

Nikon Upright Widefield

  • Nikon Eclipse E600 upright microscope
  • Manual Stage
  • 1X, 2X, 4X, 10X, 20X, and 40X dry objectives
  • 63X Oil objective
  • Blue, green, and red filter cubes
  • DIC optics
  • Q-Imaging Retigia EX CCD Camera (monochrome) with optional color filter for imaging histology slides
  • Q-Capture software