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Evangeline Drink: Chemical Engineering Major
Evangeline is a UW alum who majored in Chemical Engineering. She decided to major in Chemical Engineering because of her love of Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. Watching on TV and seeing the vast poverty in third world countries also helped motivate her to pursue this degree. As a Chemical Engineer, she wants to be able to help develop a renewable energy source that can be affordable to people living in third world and industrialized countries.

She completed a research project in Professor Daniel T. Schwartz's research group in the Chemical Engineering department at the University of Washington. The research project involved finding the partition coefficient (swelling) of Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) in different concentrations of organic solvents. PDMS is used in microfluidic devices, which is used extensively in her research group, to detect compounds that are similar to hydrocarbons that are produced by plant endophytes. These compounds are similar to hydrocarbons and can be used to make bio-fuels. Determining the partition coefficient is important since swelling of PDMS is undesirable because it distorts the channels and can crack the glass backing of the microfluidic devices.

Evangeline is a member of the American Institution of Chemical Engineers (AlChE) and Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE).