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TRiO Student Support Services at the University of Washington serves over 400 low-income, first-generation students and/or students with disabilities each year. UW/SSS provides holistic and comprehensive advising and instructional support, in order to help undergraduate students be successful at and graduate from the University of Washington. Student Support Services is part of TRIO, funded by the U.S. Department of Education.


What is the TRiO SSS Student  Experience?

Hear from our Alumni about TRiO SSS

UW TRiO SSS Welcomes 2013-2014 Cohort

On September 24, 2013 TRiO Student Support Services hosted the 2013-14 New Student Welcome at Mary Gates Hall. Over 60 incoming freshmen and transfer students participated activities focused on community building and the development of academic success skills and financial literacy.


Experience (XP) TRiO

2013-2014 Cohort

XP TRiO or Experience TRiO is inviting you to experience what we offer as a program.  This is your opportunity to set your own pace and to get the most out of your involvement with TRiO SSS. This is not a contest…it’s an experience.

As an SSS student, you are an automatic participant with 100 XP (experience points). The goal is for you to accumulate as many points as you want. The total maximum of points will be disclosed at the start of each quarter through the XP TRiO canvas page and Facebook. The rules are simple, the more points you earn the more prizes you are eligible to win. Remember this is a yearlong program so points can accumulate from quarter to quarter.


Featured Alumni of the Month

Fabiola Jimenez


Being the first in my family to complete grade school, let alone earn a college degree, my first step on campus, was really the first step towards the bright future my parents worked so hard for me to have and which they were never given an opportunity of. Having never stepped foot on a college campus, I knew nothing of what to expect or how to excel. I did not even realize that you needed to bring your own toiletries to the dorms nor that there was more to live off of than dorm-made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Yet, as silly as these worries were, I was the daughter of immigrant, migrant farm workers, I had no idea of college meant. But TRIO, along with my amazing counselor, helped me navigate every single obstacle I encountered, even the silly ones.

One of the most memorable things that TRIO did for me was to allow me to visit the state’s capital. Having never explored much further than my hometown, this was an amazing and eye opening experience. To some people, I know it must sound trivial, but when you have never been given an opportunity to explore, this outing was life changing. College was a very confusing and challenging time for me, having to deal with many life altering experiences, but I never felt alone due to the support from TRIO and my counselor.

I always knew that I wanted to be an attorney, even as a child. My advisor helped me prepare for the challenges that I would face in applying and the real courage of conviction that I would need to succeed. In the end, all of the hours of LSAT studying and countless revisions of my personal statement, I was accepted to Law School at Seattle University. I truly believe that I would not have been as successful without being a part of this program.

 OMAD Awarded Two Student Support Services Grants

The University of Washington Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity (OMA&D) was recently awarded a pair of grants from the U.S. Department of Education to support low-income and first-generation college students. A new five-year, $1.1 million grant under the TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) Program will assist 120 students annually in their pursuit of undergraduate degrees in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. The UW also received a five-year, $2.1 million grant renewal for its existing Student Support Services (SSS) program that serves 300 students. Read more about the new grants here >>