The reporting requirements, and applicable rules and guideline for University Transportation Centers (UTCs) are outlined in “Grant Deliverables and Reporting” and “Grant Provisions and all funded PIs are required to familiarize themselves with these documents.

PacTrans is required to submit to the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Technology and Research (OST-R) Grant Administrator a Program Progress Performance Report (PPPR) twice a year. The PPPR follows the new uniform format developed by the National Science Foundation for use in progress reporting on Federal research grants. UTCs are required to post their PPPRs on their websites. Additionally, PacTrans will submit on an annual basis a “Recipient Share Report” as well as a “Performance Indicators Report.” All three reports will include inputs from all five PacTrans consortium partner universities.

Semi-Annual Reporting:  All research projects have semi-annual reporting periods.  Principal Investigators are required to report project progress and expenditures on a semi-annual basis.

Technology Transfer Plan on Research Outcome:  To facilitate technology transfer, at least one deliverable should be designed for technology transfer.  It could be a video, website or a presentation file.  Technical report can not serve for this purpose.

The following templates will be used by all funded PIs for reporting as outlined in the award letter to comply with PacTrans OST-R reporting deliverables:

  1. Research Progress Performance Report – downloadable word doc version OR
  2. Research Progress Performance Report – online survey submission version
  3. Budget Activity Report
  4. Final Project Report
  5. No Cost Extension

If you are publishing a journal article or other manuscript and would like to recognize PacTrans for our support. Here is some standard language that can be used.


The Grant # will depend on which of our UTC grants your research was funded by. They are as follows:

  • PacTrans Center 1 (SAFETY-LU): DTRT12-G-UTC10
  • PacTrans Center 2 (MAP-21): DTRT13-G-UTC40
  • PacTrans Center 3 (FAST Act):


New Resources for Center 2 (MAP-21) Year 3 Researchers

  1. PI Information Session Slides
  2. Checklist of Items Due from Each PI
  3. Video from PI Information Session Meeting:



Summary of Target Dates For Funded Proposals

Signed Statement of Agreement See date indicated in the award letter
Letters of Match Commitment See date indicated in the award letter
Research Assistant Student Information Sheet Fill out information as requested on the Budget Activity Report
Center 2 (Map-21) Year 1 Projects Performance Period 1/16/2015 – 6/15/2016
Center 2 (Map-21) Year 2 Projects Performance Period 12/16/2015 – 12/15/2016
Center 2 (Map-21) Year 3 Projects Performance Period 12/16/2016 – 1/31/2018
Research Progress Performance and Budget Activity Report Due to PacTrans April 10th, October 10th and on project end date
No Cost Extension Request should be made 60 days prior to project end date
Draft Final Project Report and Other Deliverables Due to PacTrans two months before project end date or approved completion date
Final Project Report and Other Deliverables Due to PacTrans one month before project end date or approved completion date