Data Management and Accessibility

As part of the “Plan to Increase Public Access to the Results of Federally-Funded Scientific Research Results,” published by the US Department of Transportation in 2015, all PacTrans funded projects beginning with FAST Act grant money are required to make their final data set publically available:

“This plan to the extent feasible and consistent with applicable law and policy; agency mission; resource constraints; U.S. national, homeland and economic security; and the objectives listed below, require digitally formatted scientific data resulting from unclassified research supported wholly or in part by Federal funding to be stored and publically accessible for search, retrieval, and analysis. This plan requires that awardee(s) and/or the respective Operating Administration ensure Public Access to final research data, subject to the above restrictions and those imposed by data quality and the need to protect national/homeland security, individual privacy, and confidentiality.”

The following documents and templates will be used by all funded PIs for reporting as outlined in the award letter to comply with PacTrans OST-R reporting deliverables:

  1. PacTrans center-wide data management plan.
  2. PacTrans project level data management plan worksheet.
  3. PacTrans project final dataset metadata worksheet.
  4. A PDF summarizing PacTrans’ data management procedures.
  5. A recorded presentation of the PacTrans data management procedures.