An Evaluation of Safety Impacts of Seattle’s Commercial Delivery Parking Pricing Project

PI: Anne Goodchild (UW),
Co-Investigators: Edward McCormack (UW)
Dates: 01/16/2015 – 06/15/2016
Status: Completed
UTC Project Sheet
Final Technical Report

The City of Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) conducts the Commercial Vehicle Pricing Project in order to improve commercial vehicle load zone access and efficiency in downtown Seattle and more, yet the project does not provide an understanding of the extent to which commercial vehicles circle while looking for available load zones or use parking areas outside of designated load zones. The proposed study will identify the correlations between collision rates and commercial vehicle on-street parking activity. In doing so, it will inform SDOTs revised strategies for Commercial Vehicle Load Zone location, pricing, and design, supporting the design of a safe and commercially accessible urban core.