Deterioration of Green Conflict Paint for Bicycle Facilities

PI: Emad Kassem (UI),, ORCID: 0000-0002-4331-6692

Co PIs: none

AMOUNT & MATCH: $20,000 from PacTrans; $20,000 Match

PERFORMANCE PERIOD: 8/16/2018 – 8/15/2020

STATUS: Active

CATEGORIES: Bike Facilities, Pavement Markings



FINAL PROJECT REPORT: will be available once completed

PROJECT DATA: will be available once completed

DESCRIPTION: Many cities in the Pacific Northwest are expanding their bicycle network to improve mobility. One recent innovation is the use of “green conflict” paint to improve bike lane visibility. The goal of is this project is to evaluate the performance of green conflict paint under simulated deterioration and different operating conditions, including rain and snow. The relevant PacTrans theme is Improved Reliability across Modes: decision support tools for winter road maintenance and performance under extreme conditions.

We will test different green paint products (e.g., water-based and thermoplastic) under varying levels of simulated traffic and snow removal agitation. We will document at least seven measures of effectiveness (MOEs) including friction, texture, color, luminance, percent loss, and retroflectivity. We will use a three-wheel simulator under different loadings to simulate varying levels of traffic. The MOEs will be assessed under simulated weather conditions wet, dry, and snowy (low temperature slush). Friction will be analyzed for solid design and dashes. Additionally, we will inspect the installation of green conflict paint in the field. The City of Moscow has scheduled installation at eight intersections along a one-mile section of a minor arterial.

Research Project Progress Report #1 4/10/2019
Research Project Progress Report #2 10/10/2019
Research Project Progress Report #3 4/10/2020
No Cost Extension Request 6/15/2020
Draft Report 6/15/2020
Final Project Report 8/15/2020