Developing a Robust Survey Methodology for Collecting Information on the Port Truck Drayage Industry

PI: Anne Goodchild (UW)
Dates: 07/01/2012 – 11/01/2013
Final Project Report: PacTrans-17-UW-Goodchild

Efficient freight transportation is critical to our region’s economic competitiveness and environmental health. Increasing pressure on the roadway infrastructure, and concern about air quality and greenhouse gas emissions, heighten the state’s interest in supporting solutions that might move cargo off roads. Unfortunately, existing tools used to compare investments—especially across modes ( rail and road infrastructure)—are not sufficient to truly measure their economic and environmental impact or accurately evaluate tradeoffs between modes. This leaves transportation agencies with little foundation to support decision making and limits the state’s ability to identify innovative solutions that benefit the state, such as public-private partnerships that might increase the attractiveness of rail or barge transport.

This project will address DOT needs for comparable multimodal, multi-objective analysis by:

  1. Carefully evaluating the most commonly used approaches by state DOTs, as well as approaches suggested by academic studies, to:
  2. Identify the specific challenges to multimodal comparisons, and the areas where comparisons can be made. This will provide the basis for:
  3. A gap analysis.