Evaluation of the Idaho (Bicycle) Stop Laws in the Pacific Northwest

PI: David Hurwitz (OSU), david.hurwitz@oregonstate.edu, ORCID: 0000-0001-8450-6516

Co PIs: Kevin Chang (UI) and Rhonda Young (GU)

AMOUNT & MATCH: $180,000 from PacTrans; $180,000 Match

PERFORMANCE PERIOD: 8/16/2020 – 8/15/2022

STATUS: Active

CATEGORIES: Bicycle, Safety



FINAL PROJECT REPORT: will be available once completed

PROJECT DATA: will be available once completed

DESCRIPTION: This project seeks: 1) to clarify the anticipated safety impact of the Stop as Yield (“Idaho Stop”) for all roadway users in Oregon (and its potential application in neighboring states such as Washington  where such a law is being considered), and 2) to evaluate the historical impact this law has had in     the state of Idaho since adoption in the early 1980s. This research will include both 1) an on-line  expert survey sent to transportation agency staff in the region who have experience with the Idaho Stop and 2) Human-in-the-loop simulator studies using the bicycle and driving simulator at Oregon State University to collect data on likely cyclist and driver responses to varying conditions. This research directly addresses the PacTrans topic of Traffic Safety by determining how the “Idaho Stop” style laws will impact / has impacted safety-relevant behaviors of traffic crashes on Oregon, Washington, and Idaho roadways for bicyclists and drivers alike. Surrogate safety measures will be used to determine the potential risk the new law poses for bicyclist and motorist conflicts at intersections. The findings will lead to a better understanding of the implications of the new law in Oregon and if it could be adopted safely elsewhere.

Research Project Progress Report #1 4/10/2021
Research Project Progress Report #2 10/10/2021
Research Project Progress Report #3 4/10/2022
Draft Report 6/15/2022
Final Project Report 8/15/2022