Fault Tree Analysis for Accident Prevention in Transportation Infrastructure Projects

PI: Hyun Woo Lee (OSU), hw.chris.lee@oregonstate.edu
Co-Investigators: Ingrid Arocho (OSU)
Dates: 01/16/2015 – 06/15/2016
Status: Completed
Project Information
Final Technical Report

The study will combine literature review and content analysis to develop a list of risk factors that lead to contribute to major accident types in transportation infrastructure projects. OSHA’s Fatality and Catastrophe Investigation Summaries will be the main source of data for the content analysis. OSHA requires construction companies to report any type of work-related accidents resulting in the hospitalization of three or more workers. Thus, this summary database contains valuable information regarding safety-related performance, which can be used as a basis for identification of accident types and risk factors. The data collection in this study will target: (1) accident related to the Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction Sector (NAICS 237300); and (2) projects performed in the Northwest Region of the US (Region 10 according to the OSHA categorization).