Media Filter Drain: Modified Design Evaluation

PIs: Cara PoorLiv Haselbach (WSU)
Dates: 03/01/2012 – 07/31/2014

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) wishes to modify the media filter drain (MFD) design by changing the crushed gravel specification used in the mix. In order to gain approval from the Washington State Dept of Ecology (Ecology) and incorporate into their standard specifications, metal removal rates for the new design need to be compared to the old design based on accepted stormwater doses.

The objectives are to test modified and existing MFD mix designs in laboratory experiments for dissolved metals removal and compare these results to determine if there is any statistical difference in the removal rates between the two, and to complete a life cycle analysis on the modified design based on estimated long term high loadings and expected capacities for the media. This will provide WSDOT with a more representative design life of the modified MFD mix design.


Final Project Report: PacTrans-44-WSU-Haselbach