Developing clinical applications for our research is a key element of our mission statement. Our work in this area ranges from developing methods of assessing understanding and progress in children with limited skills, to direct design and testing of interventions for developmental disabilities such as ASD. For example, we are currently using electrophysiological and cognitive neuroscience methods to

test children with ASD who are involved in clinical trials of early intensive intervention programs. This ongoing work will reveal whether early intervention can alter the trajectory of cognitive and neural development in children with ASD. 

We are also involved in the design and evaluation of a number of more specifically targeted interventions for children with ASD. For example, in work directed by Dr. Susan Faja, we designed and tested an intervention targeted at improving face recognition skills in a group of adults with ASD. In ongoing work, we are evaluating the effects of a face recognition intervention for young children with ASD and different types of early interventions.