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SRF120 - Registration Transactions

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          R E G I S T R A T I O N   T R A N S A C T I O N S                 *J*
XXXXXXX 000465724 XXX-82-XXXX
XXXXX,XXXXXXX                            07/20/77 __
QTR/YEAR:SPR/1998                                  BACK TRANSACTION
2078  A  CHEM   242  AB   3.0                      0302 0302 06:20 STAR
1735  A  BIOL   202  AA   5.0                      0302 0302 06:20 STAR
2068  A  CHEM   239  U    3.0                      0302 0302 06:20 STAR
1735  D  BIOL   202  AA   5.0                      0330 0330 08:25 BIO0718
1730  A  BIOL   201  AC   5.0                      0401 0401 10:23 ANN1004
3002  A  EDUC   401  A    3.0   T                  0407 0407 11:33 M1234
1730  C  BIOL   201  AC   5.0                      0330 0505 08:46 GRD1032
                                       DISPLAY COMPLETE    _

Instructions for screen SRF120

This screen displays all transactions that are processed for a quarter after Registration Period One and before the first grade posting. This screen is now a permanent screen that can be useful in tracking transactions for past quarters. It is an inquiry only screen but is useful in finding out what transaction was processed, when it was processed, and who processed the transaction.

ACT: displays whether the transaction was an Add, Drop, Change or Withdrawal that was processed on the SRF104 (used only by departments), SRF105 or SRF610. The following is a list of possible letters that are used of these screens and then displayed in the ACT column on the SRF120.

  • A Added course
  • D Dropped course
  • E Course canceled and dropped from the student's schedule
  • G Canceled by the Student Accounts Office for NSF Check
  • I Canceled for Low Scholarship
  • K Canceled by the Student Accounts Office for Non-Payment of tuition
  • L Dropped course before quarter began
  • R Reinstated (Re-registered) after being canceled for non-payment or NSF
  • W Withdrawal (last course to be dropped for the quarter)
  • C - A "C" in the ACT column means that the course had already been added but is being changed in some way. For example, the Registration Office changes courses per the student's request to SNS or Audit. A student can also request to have the credits changed for a variable course she is registered for. The Graduation and Academic Records Office uses the SRF105 to adjust a student's grade if the course is being repeated. The change is displayed on the SRF120 (shown above).

DATE: When a transaction is processed on the SRF105, SRF104, or the SRF610, the transaction date is displayed in the second date column under "Transaction". If a transaction is "backdated", that date is displayed in the first column below "Date". A reason for a backdated transaction would be if the student should not be charged a $20 change fee. The date would be backdated to the day before the $20 change fee started. Any interdepartmental adjustment that needs to be made to a student's schedule is usually backdated so the student is not penalized.

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