Lightning Talks

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The lightning talks offer participants 5 minutes to talk about a project that they are currently engaged in. We invited both academic and activist projects to be discussed here. The format allows us to feature a range of relational poverty projects without getting into theoretical depth.

Representations of Child Poverty Dena Aufseeser, Department of Geography and Environmental Systems, University of Maryland – Baltimore County
Working children and rural poverty Kacy McKinney, Department of Geography, Middlebury College
Middle class and poor youth in India Stephen Young, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin at Madison
“We belong together” Kristy Copeland, Department of Geography, University of Washington
Thinking Relationally about Structural Racism Magie Ramirez, Department of Geography, University of Washington
The Poetry of Poverty: Voice and Visibility Jane Wong, Department of English, University of Washingto
Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness David Giles, Department of Anthropology, University of Canterbury
Residential gardening and eco-gentrification in Cascadia: Preliminary results from Portland
Nathan McClintock, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University
Mapping Alternative political Futures: Neighborhood Assemblies and cross-class alliances in neoliberal Buenos Aires  Monica Farias, Department of Geography, University of Washington

For a full set of abstracts, please download the PDF



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