On Maasai Women’s Power in the Age of Conservation

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Ben: Hi, this is Ben Gardner, Professor of Global Studies and Geography at the University of Washington, Bothell. I’m here today with Maanda Ngoitiko colleague and collaborator from Northern Tanzania. We are going to be having a conversation for the podcast series on New Poverty Politics for Changing Times: What emerging national populisms mean for poverty and inequality. 

Hi Maanda. How are you? Do want to introduce yourself?

Maanda: Yes. My name is Maanda Ngoitiko. I am from Northern Tanzania. I work with an organization called Pastoral Women’s Council, which is devoted to promoting justice for Maasai women in Northern Tanzania.

Ben: How long have we know each other, Maanda?

Maanda: I think we’ve known each other for about 30 years, since 1990. What were you doing in 1990 when I met you? I think I was working with the first Maasai Organization, which was formed to address inequalities and land rights in Maasai land.

Ben: As you know, this series is this thinking about poverty and how poverty is produced in different ways around the world and how it’s produced in transnational, local and regional. Can you talk a little bit about how you think about your communities in northern Tanzania and the ways in which poverty operates or works in your community?

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