On Queer Resistance to Housing and Racial Injustice

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Dilara: My name is Dilara Yarbrough. I’m a researcher and professor at San Francisco State University.

Dilara: I’m here with Jeanette Johnson, the executive director of the Transgender Gender Variant and Intersex Justice Project, and Jenny Friedenbach, the executive director of the San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness. We’re working together and a community-based housing and services needs assessment. And we hope that our research will encourage local policymakers to direct resources to an evidence-based approach that meets the needs of unhoused people. San Francisco, like other U.S. cities, is in the grip of a housing crisis, the highest rents in the country, combined with policy that favor corporations and developers, have contributed to mass housing deprivation in our city. Last year, the Our City Our Home Coalition ran a successful grassroots campaign to institute a local tax on large corporations, in order to fund housing and services for in-house San Franciscans. This new tax is expected to take effect soon and will generate millions of dollars. We’ll talk today about this landmark legislation and how listeners can support the leadership of un-housed people, especially trans women of color in the fight for housing justice. Before we start, I’d like each of you to introduce yourselves and your organizations. Jenny let’s start with you. Can you tell us about the Coalition on Homelessness in the City and the Our Home Campaign? 

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