Session I: Political Engagements with Urban Poverty

October 27, 2014  • Posted in Annual Meeting 2014  •  0 Comments

This abridged session specifically addresses the politics of poverty in urban places: from Paraguay to Mumbai to the Bronx, these papers help bring questions of the Global South to bear on poverty in the global North.

Politics of affect: clientelism, ‘the urban poor’ and street vendor politics in Paraguay
Jennifer Tucker, Department of City and Regional Planning, University of California at Berkeley
The Affective Ethico-politics of Slum Redevelopment, Displacement and Dispossession in Mumbai
Sapana Doshi, School of Geography and Development, University of Arizona at Tucson
Battle for The Bronx: Exploring the relationship between rebuilding disinvested urban neighborhoods and gentrification
Katy Guimond, Department of Geography, University of California Berkeley

For full abstracts, please download the PDF.

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