Solidarity in diversity

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Nick Schuermans, University of Leuven & University of Antwerp

My current research fits within the DieGem research project on solidarity in diversity ( Drawing on insights from sociologists, geographers, educationalists and political scientists, the basic hypothesis underlying this project is that citizenship practices in everyday settings of forced propinquity are important moments of social learning through which innovative and alternative forms of solidarity are nurtured and developed. In the following years, the research team will conduct action research in a wide range of multicultural neighborhoods, schools, factories, sports clubs and associations in Flanders (Belgium). In cooperation with an advisory committee consisting of 60 organizations which share the challenge of stimulating solidarity in a context of increasing cultural diversity, we aim to develop conceptual frameworks, action research trainings, inspiring examples, intervention guidelines and assessment strategies for professionals working in four settings of everyday life (labor, education, housing and leisure). Building upon my PhD research on the geographies of encounter in Flanders and South Africa, I am particularly interested in the potential of everyday interactions between people of diverse backgrounds to fuel the development of communities and solidarities across lines of class, race, culture and religion.

Contact: Nick.Schuermans@ees.kuleuven.beWebsite

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