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Conference Materials



Morning Keynote Addresses

John (Jack) Wennberg: The Role of Shared Decision Making in Reducing Unwarranted Variation in Health Care
Clip of an original SDM video: http://www.youtube.com/originalSDP

Floyd (Jack) Fowler: Why We Need Shared Decision Making: Enhancing Patient Engagement


Session 1: Key Learning from Implementation Nationally and in Washington

Benjamin Moulton: Shared Decision Making, Ethics and Shared Responsibility

Desi Axt: MultiCare Maple Valley Clinic

Carly Searles: Virginia Mason Medical Center

Lynette Wachholz: The Everett Clinic


Afternoon Keynote Address

David Arterburn: Large-Scale Implementation in an Integrated Group Practice: the Group Health Experience

Session 2: Reimbursement and Payment Models for Shared Decision Making

Doug Conrad and Phil Haas: Payment Models for Shared Decision Making: Systematic Review and Recommendations


Session 3: Shared Decision Making from the Patient's Perspective

No slides were used in this session.


Session 4: Key Project Learning, Recommendations, and Next Steps

Doug Conrad and Cindy Watts: Washington SDM Demonstration: Key Project Learning, Recommendations, and Next Steps