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Discovery Seminars for Freshmen

by jcmills on July 2nd, 2012

UW incoming freshmen can earn credits and make a smooth transition to university life ahead of the pack. Early Fall Start (EFS) offerings are 5-credit, month-long summer courses designed to prepare freshmen for college success through interdisciplinary study and focused inquiry.

In partnership with the School of Art, EFS is offering two Discovery Seminars especially designed for freshmen interested in art, design, architecture, and the history of materials.

Chinese Art: Visual Design and Artistic Practice will include field trips to the Seattle Asian Art Museum to study art forms including jade, ceramics, calligraphy, painting, design, and cinema. Students will learn how to define what is distinctive about Chinese art by comparing it to other artistic traditions

Learning Perceptual Drawing and Becoming a Critical Observer is a dynamic drawing course that involves working with live models and still life. Students will fine-tune their visual perception and move beyond their current knowledge and abilities to link new skills, concepts, and understanding.

These engaging and innovative opportunities are offered during the EFS session, which runs 20 August – 14 September 2012. Regular Autumn Quarter classes begin 24 September 2012. Intensive EFS courses meet in the morning for two to two and a half hours each day. For more information and to register, please visit the UW’s Early Fall Start website or follow the course-specific links above.

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