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School of Art Open House

Saturday, 21 April 2012, 1-5pm


The University of Washington hosted HuskyFest to celebrate its 150th anniversary. The School of Art participated by having an Open House, which was designated as a College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Showcase event.

Here is a list of the activities that day. The list is by room number, and the rooms are in the order they exist in the building.

Painting + Drawing students working

Industrial Design students in their studio*

Photomedia MFA student images
Interdisciplinary Visual Arts students exhibiting work
Art History students giving 10-minute talks on their research**

Photomedia MFA student Rodrigo Valenzuela’s video titled “Diamond box,” which is shortlisted for the Vimeo Awards; vote here.

Industrial Design demonstration of CNC equipment

3D4M + IVA students working with clay

Industrial Design students using the lathe*

Jacob Lawrence Gallery – Photomedia BFA Show

3D4M + IVA student work

3D4M students doing flame work with glass

*Additional work by Design students is in the middle hallway on the 2nd floor.

**Art History Presentations in Room 116 (10 minutes each)

Yve Chavez, MA student
Constructing a Colonial Identity: Eighteenth Century Paintings of Indigenous Families in New Spain

Lane Eagles, MA student
Magic and the Miracle-Working Image: The Interplay of Art and the Supernatural in Fifteenth Century Italy

Kevin Hodder, BA student
Enduring Disassociation: Mixed Racial Identities and Historical Interpretations

Amanda Waterman, PhD candidate
Modernity and Artistic License: Neo-Victorianism as Other

Erin Giffin, PhD student
Classicizing Proximity: The African in Seventeenth-century Rome

Thank you to all of you who visited us on the 21st!

Thank you as well to all those who helped make the event possible:

Students: Neil Aguinaldo, Jenni Beetem, Cathea Marcena Carey, Yve Chavez, Byung Cho, Susan Dine (+ her sister), Maikaru Douangluxay-Cloud, David Drake, Rebekka Dunlap, Lane Eagles, Hannah Eberts, Dakota Gearhart, Erin Giffin, Kevin Hodder, Amelia Hooning, Angela Jaquith, Elizabeth Larson, Quynh Le, Daniele di Lodovico, Scott Lui, Liliya Marchuk, Russ Rinzler, Adriel Rollins, Luke Springer, Frances Tung, Rodrigo Valenzuela, Ilsa Van Doren, Amanda Waterman, and all the other students who participated in the 3D4M and Painting + Drawing areas.

Staff: Kris Anderson, Wilma Boyd, Debra Cox, Ashley Ferrell, John Martin, Jeanette Mills (event coordinator), Mark Rector, Kim Van Someren, Christopher Wood

Faculty: Sang-gyeun Ahn, Lou Cabeen, Susan Casteras, Karen Cheng, Rebecca Cummins, Ann Gale, Doug Jeck, Amie McNeel, Helen O’Toole, Christopher Ozubko, Akio Takamori, Timea Tihanyi, Jamie Walker, Mark Zirpel


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