FAQ – Trainees

What is BRI?

The Public Health Service (PHS) and its research institutions require that all pre-and post-doctoral researchers supported by PHS training grants receive training in the responsible conduct of research. For this reason, the School of Medicine offers the Biomedical Research Integrity (BRI) Program to meet the training requirements. The Department of Bioethics & Humanities(BH) runs this training series under Director Kelly Edwards. The BRI Program uses a series of public lectures (three in the summer and two in the autumn and/or spring), and three associated summer discussion groups, to address the following required RCR topics:

  • Conflict of interest
  • Data acquisition and ownership
  • Peer review
  • Responsible authorship
  • Research misconduct

Note: Each BRI lecturer is also asked to incorporate explicit reference to Researcher/trainee responsibilities and/or Collaborative science, so that all seven required topics are covered on an annual basis.

The Bioethics & Humanities Department records and reports attendance at lectures and discussion groups to departments and Principal Investigators (PIs).  Specific trainees’ participation is required and monitored by each department or PI independently.  The PHS requirement can be viewed at http://ori.dhhs.gov/policies/RCR_Policy.shtml .

Update on the NIH Requirement for Instruction in the RCR

When is BRI offered?

We offer the majority of the annual series each summer, covering required topics through lectures and discussion groups. Videotapes of the lectures will be available on the BRI website soon after the lectures (see "What if I miss a lecture?" below). The BRI Program is now annual, with reporting based on November 1 through October 31 participation.  Annual attendance will be available online to trainees, PIs and departments with our newly implemented program.

How do I register?

Each year before the BRI begins, we send a notice to the BRI listserv announcing the dates of the summer lectures and discussion groups (other lectures are advertised separately, later in academic year). The emails to the listserv and the website include the link to the BRI Registration site. Because each PI establishes the specific attendance requirements for trainees on his/her grant, we recommend discussing the information and requirements with your PI, Program Director or Department Administrator. Once you understand your requirements, log on the Registration site and fill out the registration and select lectures and discussion groups. This should take 10 minutes or less.

You will register only once with your UW NetID, but you will be able to go back and change information that was incorrect or has changed. You will need to close out of the registration program and close your browser.

Some specifics you should be aware of when registering:

  • When asked about your status at the UW (Medicine, other UW school, or UW affiliate), you should have at least one, but no more than one, “yes” answer. If you do have multiple appointments, choose the affiliation that tracks your training grant appointment or primary appointment (the appointment for which you are participating in the BRI).
  • When asked for information about your PI, the answer should be your PI, Program Director or Department Chair/Administrator - the person requiring your attendance. This will be the person who needs your attendance information. Beginning in 2009, PIs, grant administrators, trainees, etc, are able to  track attendance history on the BRI website.
  • When asked your position on the grant, your answer should be your position on the grant (trainee, fellow, post-doc) or, if not grant-funded, your position in the department (faculty, fellow, etc.).

Do I need to register?

If you want or need your attendance tracked for your PI or department, then you must register. The registration is only open to persons with UW NetIDs. You will need to pre-register for discussion groups, but may register at anytime for lectures (you must also fill out the attendance form at the time of the lecture for attendance to count).

Lectures are open and anyone may attend the lectures. To have attendance recorded, you need to be registered AND signed up for the corresponding lecture AND you need to complete the attendance form available at each lecture or video.

Discussion Group assignments are made from the registration database, so you will not be allowed to attend a discussion group without pre-registering. The small discussion groups fill quickly, so we encourage early registration. Groups will be added as the series progresses, so check back often to see if there are new groups that fit your schedule.

If you are a UW trainee located at Fred Hutch and you plan to participate in BRI lectures and discussion groups at Fred Hutch, you still need to register with us in order to have your attendance reported to your PI.  If you plan to attend the lecture at the Hutch, please register on this site for the UW lecture (the date is the important issue - location is not).  The Hutch shares attendance data with us and it is incorporated into the final attendance report. You should sign up on this site and select 1 or more lectures - DO NOT select discussion groups at the UW if you are scheduled at Fred Hutch. Note on your attendance sheet that you need UW BRI credit. To schedule discussion groups at Fred Hutch, contact Lee Strucker lstrucke@fredhutch.org.

If you are a Fred Hutch trainee without a UW affiliation (e.g. UW student, UW payroll or UW-based grant funding), there is no need to register for the BRI series. Your attendance is tracked separately by Lee Strucker at the Hutch. Please visit the Fred Hutch webisite: https://centernet.fhcrc.org/CN/depts/hr/training/research_ethics/upcoming_events/index.html?

Which lectures/discussion groups must I attend?

We envision the BRI program to include all five lectures and three associated discussion groups. However, each training grant has their own requirements for ethics education, so you will need to get the specific requirements from your PI, Program Director or Program Administrator. While we encourage attendance at all lectures and feel discussion group participation enhances the trainees’ experience, we do not set or monitor training requirements. Some departments and labs use individualized training to augment the series. Please ask your PI about what your training requirements are prior to registering and register lectures and only for lectures and for discussion groups that you do plan to attend. If your plans change after the fact, please let us know so we can give your spot to someone else. Space is limited in all discussion groups (10-12 per group).

What if I miss a lecture/videos?

We encourage participants to attend the lectures if at all possible; however, the lectures are videotaped and you may watch the videos for attendance credit. The videos will be posted to the BRI website for viewing (Lectures tab; Complete videotaped lectures list submenu) .  A web-based attendance/evaluation will be available for you to sign certifying that you have watched the video in its entirety (url noted at the end of each video). The videos are generally available within days to 2 weeks after each lecture.  Please note that viewing the lecture is not a pre-requisite for discussion group attendance.  If you are enrolled in a discussion group, please attend whether or not you have already viewed the lecture.

Can I get credit for watching a video after the BRI closes?

The videos will be archived on our website (Lectures tab), but we only include attendance reported to us by October 31st. If you miss this deadline, talk with your PI. S/he has the option of tracking this training in-house. Videos from past years are available for viewing in the Bioethics and Humanities Department - please call or email to schedule an appointment.

What if I need to reschedule a discussion group?

We encourage you to plan carefully, but sometimes changes must be made. If you need to reschedule you will be able to do so online up to 72 hours prior to your scheduled group; please contact Margaret Mitchell, 206.221.6548 or uwbri@uw.edu for last minute changes. With early enough notice, we may be able to give the spot to someone on the wait list.

Reschedule requests will be put in the queue after all the group assignments have been made and you may or may not get one of your top choices for dates.

What if I miss a discussion group?

In the event that you fail to attend a discussion group in which you have enrolled, an email will be sent to you and copied to your PI/Department. The email will include the dates/times of any future groups for which you are enrolled and will require reconfirmation of plans to attend. These small groups are arranged for 10 to 12 trainees, so if there are several “no shows,” the discussion is not optimal for those who attended as scheduled and we ask that you be considerate of the time commitment from our volunteer discussion group leaders.  We appreciate your every effort to attend as scheduled.  We cannot guarantee rescheduling for no shows.  Two no shows will mean automatic cancellation from any other scheduled groups. 

How does my attendance get recorded?

Attendance will now be available to trainees, PIs, Program Directors and Departments listed on the registration database. The PIs can then include this information in their progress reports to NIH. Our report is a courtesy report to UW PIs/Departments and is not shared directly with any funding agency. We are unable to prepare individualized documentation of participation. Attendance is manually input from various sources (lecture and discussion sign in forms and video catalyst databases), so it may take several weeks for the attendance to show up on your profile, with video attendance being posted towards the end of the series. Search attendance records here.

How do I get a record of my past attendance?

Please check with your PI or department.  The PI can request reports from previous years prior to 2009. Past attendance reports include information for all participants, so these reports won't be distributed to individuatl trainees.

How do I keep updated on BRI activities?

We use the BRI listserv to distribute announcements for the BRI series, for the individual lectures and also for other lectures, events or anything of relevant interest. Please subscribe or unsubscribe by going to: https://mailman1.u.washington.edu/mailman/listinfo/bri-series.