FAQ – Trainees

What is BRI?

The Public Health Service (PHS) and its research institutions require that all pre-and post-doctoral researchers supported by PHS training grants receive training in the responsible conduct of research. For this reason, the School of Medicine offers the Biomedical Research Integrity (BRI) Program to meet the training requirements. The Department of Bioethics & Humanities (BH) runs this training series under Director Kelly Edwards. The BRI Program uses a series of public lectures (three in the summer and two in the autumn and/or spring), and three associated summer discussion groups, to address the following required RCR topics:

  • Conflict of interest
  • Data acquisition and ownership
  • Peer review
  • Responsible authorship
  • Research misconduct

Note: Each BRI lecturer is asked to incorporate explicit reference to Researcher/trainee responsibilities and/or Collaborative science, so that all seven required topics are covered on an annual basis.

The Bioethics & Humanities Department records and reports attendance at lectures and discussion groups to departments and Principal Investigators (PIs).  Specific trainees’ participation is required and monitored by each department or PI independently.  The PHS requirement can be viewed at http://ori.dhhs.gov/policies/RCR_Policy.shtml .

Update on the NIH Requirement for Instruction in the RCR

When is BRI offered?

Annually in the summer.

2019 Program Dates: 

June 20:

Lectures and discussion groups begin

September 10:

Lectures and discussion groups end

September 15:

Video lecture attendance credit updated to BRI website

October 31:

Video lecture attendance ends; updated to BRI website

How do I register?

Registration opens late spring or early summer and closes October 31st. We will announce registration opening on the site and to the listserv.

  • Via BRI website:
    • Click on “MyBRI”  to create or update your profile (UWNetID required):
      • Your name
      • Department
      • Title (fellow, assistant professor – your UW/institution title)
      • Contact info
      • PI info (this is NOT you. If no PI, then dept contact or chair)
      • Grant title (or department/program name)
      • Your positon on the grant/program
  • OR click the blue lecture sign-up button (bounces to profile if you haven’t created one)
    • Select the Lectures you plan to attend
      *Register for the lectures you plan to attend regardless of where you will attend (UW, Fred Hutch, or video).
      • Not all lectures have linked discussion groups
    • Select the discussion group you plan to attend (display will show not yet assigned – click the downward arrow to show all possible dates/times)
    • SAVE your selections and close out
    • You and the BRI program will get an email with your registration information (double check to make sure it is correct)
    • Discussion groups are linked to lectures for registration purposes. You must be registered for a discussion group in oter to attend, so will need to register for a lecture in order to sign-up for a group. You may choose where to attend the lecture: UW, Fred Hutch, video, or not at all. 

We offer the training – we don’t set requirements. Check with your PI or department for your specific requirements.

You will register only once with your UW NetID, but you will be able to go back and change information that was incorrect or has changed. You will need to close out of the registration program and close your browser.

Do I need to register?

  • YES if you want or need credit tracked
  • YES if you want to participate in a UW discussion group
  • NO if you do not have a UWNetID

Lectures: are open and anyone may attend the lectures. Discussion Groups: You must be registered to attend – No one is allowed to attend a discussion group without pre-registering.

If you are a UW trainee located at Fred Hutch and you plan to participate in BRI lectures and discussion groups at Fred Hutch, you still need to register with UW BRI for the lecture, but DO NOT register for UW discussion groups that you know you will not attend.

  • Lectures at the Hutch. If attend the lecture at the Hutch, register on this site for the UW lecture (the date is the important issue - location is not). Sign in at the Hutch and they will send us attendance info.
  • Discussion groups at : If you attend discussion groups at Fred Hutch, DO NOT register for UW discussion groups. The attendance will be transferred to the UW from the Hutch.  You must secure a discussion group spot with them (ecagle@fredhutch.org).

If you are a Fred Hutch trainee without a UW affiliation (no UWNetID), there is no need to register for the  UWBRI series. Your attendance is tracked separately by the Hutch. Please visit the Fred Hutch webisite: https://centernet.fhcrc.org/CN/depts/hr/training/research_ethics/upcoming_events/index.html?

Which lectures/discussion groups must I attend?

We offer the training – we do not set requirements. Check with your PI or department for your specific requirements.

We envision the BRI program to include all five lectures and three associated discussion groups. However, each training grant has their own requirements for ethics education, so you will need to get the specific requirements from your PI, Program Director or Program Administrator. While we encourage attendance at all lectures and feel discussion group participation enhances the trainees’ experience, we do not set or monitor training requirements. Some departments and labs use individualized training to augment the series. Please ask your PI about what your training requirements are prior to registering and register for lectures and only for discussion groups that you do plan to attend. If your plans change after the fact, please let us know so we can give your spot to someone else. Space is limited in all discussion groups (10-12 per group).

What if I miss a lecture/videos?

PHS guidelines state “contact” hours. We encourage participants to attend the lectures in person if at all possible; however,

  • Lectures are recorded and you may watch the videos for video attendance credit.
  • Videos are posted to the BRI website for viewing (Lectures tab; Complete videotaped lectures list submenu).
    • Videos are generally available within days to 2 weeks after each lecture. A web-based attendance/evaluation link is noted on the last slide of each video.
    • Survey includes lecture specific content questions.
    • Complete and submit the survey.
    • You and your PI will be notified if you have 2 or more incorrect responses to content questions.
    • Attendance will be manually credited to your BRI record.
    • If you are enrolled in a discussion group, please attend whether or not you have already viewed the lecture.

Can I get credit for watching a video after the BRI closes?

The videos will be archived on our website (Lectures tab), but we only include attendance reported to us by October 31st. If you miss this deadline, talk with your PI. S/he has the option of tracking this training in-house. Videos from past years are available for viewing in the Bioethics and Humanities Department - please call or email to schedule an appointment.

What if I need to reschedule a discussion group?

We encourage you to plan carefully, but sometimes changes must be made.

  • Registration locks 72 hours prior to your group.
  • You may reschedule online up to 72 hours prior to your scheduled group.
  • For changes after registration locks you MUST email uwbri@uw.edu to make a change.
    • DO NOT try to unregister and re-register – as you will delete any attendance credit you may already have received.

Reschedule requests will be put in the queue after all the group assignments have been made and you may or may not get one of your top choices for dates.

What if I miss a discussion group?

If you fail to attend a discussion group in which you have enrolled, an email is sent to you and copied to your PI/Department. These small groups are arranged for 10 to 12 trainees, so if there are several “no shows,” the discussion is not optimal for those who attended as scheduled and we ask that you be considerate of the time commitment from our volunteer discussion group leaders. We appreciate your every effort to attend as scheduled.  We cannot guarantee rescheduling for no shows. Two no shows will mean automatic cancellation from any other scheduled groups. We then invite you to partipate the following year.

How does my attendance get recorded?

  • Register for the lecture/discussion groups in advance.
  • You will receive an evaluation survey link
  • Once you submit the survey, your attendance will be updated on the BRI site.

Attendance is available on the BRI site to trainees, PIs, Program Directors and Departments.

PIs can include this information in their progress reports to NIH. Our report is a courtesy report to UW PIs/Departments and is not shared directly with any funding agency. We are unable to prepare individualized documentation of participation. Attendance is manually input for video attendance or if you haven’t pre-registered lectures/discussion groups., so it may take several weeks for the attendance to show up on your profile, with video attendance being posted towards the end of the series. Search attendance records here

How do I get a record of my past attendance?

Our on-line attendance, dates back to 2009.  PI/s or departments can request reports prior to 2009. Earlier reports include information for all participants, and will not distributed to individual trainees.

How do I keep updated on BRI activities?

Subscribe to the BRI listserv for announcements re: BRI lectures/events or other lectures, events of relevant interest. To subscribe or unsubscribe visit: https://mailman1.u.washington.edu/mailman/listinfo/bri-series.