Registering to Attend Discussion Groups at UW

2019 registration is over, to correct your attendance record, please complete the:


BRI Attendance Update Form


Each PI/department establishes their specific attendance requirements for trainees. We recommend discussing the information and requirements with your PI, Program Director or Department Administrator. Once you understand your requirements, log on the Registration site and fill out the form. This should take 10 minutes or less to fill out and submit.

Register on this site via MyBRI or clicking the blue Lecture Sign-up button.

You will register only once with your UW NetID, but you will be able to go back and change information that was incorrect or has changed. To make an immediate change, you will need to close out of the registration program and close your browser.

Please review the FAQ – Trainees page.

 Register on this site via MyBRI or clicking the blue Lecture Sign-up button.


  • Sign-up for the lectures linked to the discussion groups you plan to attend. Register for linked lectures whether to will or willnot attend or where.
  • You cannot sign up for a discussion group at UW unless you register for the llinked lecture.
  • Lecture registration is required, but attendance, although recommended, is not  required for discussion group participation..
  • Pre-register, so that sign-in at the lecture will be quick. If you don’t pre-register, your sign-in at the lecture will take longer.


  • To sign-up for discussion groups, you must register for the corresponding lecture, regardless of where you plan to attend (UW, Hutch, video) or whether you plan to attend.
  • In the lecture sign-up screen, towards the bottom of the form it will show discussion group and a box that indicates “not yet assigned”. Click the down arrow in this box to make your group selection.
  • Please make sure that you select a date and time will definitely be able to attend.

Some specifics you should be aware of when registering:

  • Status at the UW (Medicine, other UW school, or UW affiliate): Yes to at least one, but no more than one. If you do have multiple appointments, choose the affiliation that tracks your training grant appointment or primary appointment for which you are participating in the BRI.
  • Info about your PI:  Enter your PI/Program Director/Department Administrator - the person requiring your attendance. This should not be you – default would be department administrator.
  • Position on the grant: Answer trainee--fellow, post-doc or, if not grant-funded, your position in the department--faculty, fellow, staff, etc.