Disability Resources for Students

Disability Resources for Students

Welcome to Disability Resources for Students (DRS), a unit within the Division of Student Life. DRS is dedicated to ensuring access and inclusion for all students with disabilities on the Seattle campus enrolled in our undergraduate, graduate, professional, Evening Degree and Access programs for over 39 years. DRS serves 2,500+ students with either temporary or permanent physical, health, learning, sensory or psychological disabilities. We partner with students and faculty jointly in the process to establish accommodations, services and access to academic programs.

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Talk to a DRS Counselor

Prospective or current students will have the opportunity to speak with a DRS counselor without an appointment during Counselor on Duty (COD) hours. COD hours are designed for questions that can be addressed in 15 minutes or less. If the question is complex, an appointment will be scheduled for another day, phone questions are welcome.

Summer Quarter Counselor on Duty (COD) hours

  • June 19th-Aug 18th (Summer Sessions): Mon-Thur 2pm-4:30pm
  • Aug 21st- Sep 15th (Early Fall Start Session): Mon-Thur 2pm-4:30pm

Important Summer Quarter Dates

To make a timely request for specific accommodations, review the Request Timeline page you can also review the full list of UW Academic Calendar dates here.

  • Summer Sessions Starts:
    • Full & A Term: June 19th
    • B Term: July 20th
  • Last day to completely withdraw from Summer Sessions:
    • Full & B Term: Aug 11th
    • A Term: July 12th

Quick Links to commonly used DRS Resources

  1. Getting Started with DRS
  2. Supporting students with disabilities at the UW
  3. Frequently asked questions
  4. Specific UW accommodation information
  5. myDRS Video Tutorials
  6. UW Housing Disability Accommodations
  7. Resource List for Learning Disabilities/ADHD Assessments & Diagnosticians
  8. Career Development and Students with Disabilities
  9. Free Online Document Conversion Tool
  10. UW Disability Related Events & Opportunities page
  11. Academic Coaching in DRS

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