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Mission Statement

Embedded in the core values of the University of Washington is a commitment to ensuring access to a quality higher education experience for a diverse student population. Disability Resources for Students (DRS) recognizes disability as an aspect of diversity that is integral to society and to our campus community. DRS serves as a partner in fostering an inclusive and equitable environment for all University of Washington students.

Speak with a DRS Counselor

Prospective or current students will have the opportunity to speak with a DRS counselor without an appointment during the Counselor on Duty (COD) hours. COD hours are designed for questions that can be addressed in 15 minutes or less. If the question is complex, a full-hour appointment might be needed and will be scheduled for another day. Current COD hours are:

Mon, Wed & Fri, 1-2 pm & Tue & Thur, 11-12 pm

Spring Quarter Events/Information

Salome Heyward Sessions

Monday April 21st: Emerging Trends in Disability & Higher Education

Tuesday April 22nd: Accommodating Students with Disabilities: the Role & Rights of Faculty

Spring UW DO-IT Opportunities Newsletter

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