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March 5, 2019

2019 Best Practices for Student Visa Requests and Department Funding

GEMS is approaching our peak period for processing Summer and Autumn 2019 I-20s for F-1 visa applications. Please help us process your new students’ I-20s as efficiently as possible; if you are offering department financial support (e.g., RA/TA/Fellowship/International Tuition Waiver) to an international graduate applicant:

  • complete the Graduate Funding Detail page. To access, go to MGP >> View Applicants >> the student’s application >> Funding Info tab. (We can’t process the I-20 without this departmental funding information entered here.)

2019 Estimates

The Financial Ability Requirement page has been updated with estimated total expenses for the 2019-2020 academic year. Please note that the official 2019 numbers have not yet been updated by the Office of Planning & Budgeting, so you may wish rely on your 2018 numbers while expecting that small increases are likely.

Overview of the Visa Request and Funding for International Applicants guide:

  • Page 1: How to assist students with questions about the I-20 and resource links.
  • Page 2: How to enter funding into MGP (RAs/TAs; Fellowships; International Tuition Waivers; Non-Resident Differential Waivers).
  • Page 3: A chart that explains the award breakdown for RA/TA positions and which numbers to put into the Funding Detail Page if offering an assistantship.
  • Page 4: An example of a MGP funding page for a student receiving an RA.


If your students have questions about the visa process or forms, please share our new Admitted International Graduate Students page with them. If you have questions, please contact us at or call our advisor hotline at 206.897.1487.