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June 11, 2019

Summer 2019 – Convey Admissions Decisions Deadline

Although Spring graduation is starting next week, don’t forget that Summer quarter is right around the corner! Please be advised the fifth day of instruction, Friday, June 28, is an important admission deadline for Summer quarter (A-term, B-Term, and Full-Term).  The following actions should be taken in MGP no later than June 28: Submit admission petitions Defer…

March 21, 2019

Winter 2019 Graduation: Submit Candidacy & Degree Recommendations

Students graduating Winter Quarter 2019 must complete all degree requirements on or before March 22, 2019. Please use the following checklist to assist GEMS in providing a quick and successful graduation for your students. Checklist Before you recommend a student for graduation in MyGrad, verify the following: the master’s degree request indicates the correct degree code; contact GEMS if the…

March 5, 2019

2019 Best Practices for Student Visa Requests and Department Funding

GEMS is approaching our peak period for processing Summer and Autumn 2019 I-20s for F-1 visa applications. Please help us process your new students’ I-20s as efficiently as possible; if you are offering department financial support (e.g., RA/TA/Fellowship/International Tuition Waiver) to an international graduate applicant: complete the Graduate Funding Detail page. To access, go to MGP…

October 23, 2018

New MGP Feature – Pre-Paid Application Fee Payment Process

Updates & Clarifications (11/7/2018): The new feature in MyGrad that allows programs to pre-pay an application fee is now available.  However, we have received numerous questions and comments from you that made us recognize the need to clarify our original message (included below).  Please review the following four points before using this new feature. The…

September 20, 2018

Autumn 2018 – Convey Admissions Decisions

Please be advised the fifth day of instruction, Tuesday, October 2nd, is an important admission deadline for Autumn Quarter.  The following actions should be taken in MGP no later than October 2nd: Submit admission petitions for any changes to Autumn 2018 applications Defer – admitted for Autumn 2018 deferring to a future quarter Early Entry*…

February 9, 2018

Save the Date: GEMS Year-In-Review & Fall Kick-Off

We hope you will be able to attend the following event: GEMS Year-In-Review Tuesday, April 3, 2018 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Coffee and tea will be provided. HUB 334 If this is your first Year-In-Review, here’s what to expect: GEMS will share announcements, provide updates on last year’s feedback from GPAs (e.g., progress made…

May 2, 2017

Application Status Page Update – WA State Residency

In order to better serve our students, we’ve added a new field on the Application Status and Pre-Registration Pages: 1. Graduate Application Status Page (Shown to Received Status applicants): Washington State Residency Status: [Nonresident / Resident] If your residency status is incorrect, please contact Graduate Enrollment Management Services (GEMS) at Prior to contacting GEMS,…

September 29, 2016

New MGP Feature: Close Admissions Application

You asked, and we delivered! On August 23, the Graduate School released a new feature in MGP, which allows you to temporarily close an admissions application. To close an application: Select Unit Profile (from the main page of MyGrad Program) Select the Graduate Admission Profile you want to close Select Edit Basic Information Next to Close…

September 23, 2016

New Features Added to MGP

The Graduate School released the following new features in MGP on September 7, 2016: Graduate Application for Admission File size for upload of transcript and visa documents has increased to 2 MB. Everything else is 500 KB. The question about U.S. military status separates child from spouse of military veteran or active duty service member….

May 3, 2016

Graduation: Submit Candidacy and Degree Recommendations

These are reminders for you that will assist GEMS in providing a quick and successful graduation for your students. Students must complete all degree requirements on or before June 10, 2016. Before you recommend graduation in MyGradProgram, please ensure the following steps have been completed: Verify the master’s request indicates the correct degree code. Assign…

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