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June 11, 2019

Summer 2019 – Convey Admissions Decisions Deadline

Although Spring graduation is starting next week, don’t forget that Summer quarter is right around the corner! Please be advised the fifth day of instruction, Friday, June 28, is an important admission deadline for Summer quarter (A-term, B-Term, and Full-Term).  The following actions should be taken in MGP no later than June 28: Submit admission petitions Defer…

March 5, 2019

2019 Best Practices for Student Visa Requests and Department Funding

GEMS is approaching our peak period for processing Summer and Autumn 2019 I-20s for F-1 visa applications. Please help us process your new students’ I-20s as efficiently as possible; if you are offering department financial support (e.g., RA/TA/Fellowship/International Tuition Waiver) to an international graduate applicant: complete the Graduate Funding Detail page. To access, go to MGP…

February 28, 2019

New Admitted International Graduate Students Page

GEMS is pleased to announce a new resource designed to assist F-1 and J-1 admits, the Admitted International Graduate Students page. The page may also be useful for prospective applicants, immigrant students with English requirements, and foreign degree holders. We encourage you to share this link with your students. Because the page is designed with…

January 23, 2019

Updates to Autumn Quarter Start Date for International Students

The below is reposted from the e-mail sent by GEMS Director Julia Carlson on January 8, 2019: The official autumn quarter program start date issued for new international students on F-1 visas will be notated on the Form I-20 as the first day of instruction.  This differs from the past few years, where the official autumn…

Updates to GNM & Financial Ability Webpages

Graduate Non-Matriculated Updates: The page for Graduate Non-Matriculated Students has been updated with English proficiency information. This is not a revision of policy but rather a clarification. Financial Ability Requirement Updates: The Financial Ability Requirement page has been updated with estimated total expenses for the 2019-2020 academic year. This page only applies to students who will…

May 30, 2018

Summer 2018 – Convey Admissions Decisions Deadline

Summer quarter is right around the corner! Please be advised the fifth day of instruction, Friday, June 22, is an important admission deadline for Summer quarter (A-term, B-Term, and Full-Term).  The following actions should be taken in MGP no later than June 22: Submit admission petitions Defer – admitted for Summer 2018 deferring to a…

January 25, 2018

New Resource for Admissions Review

Admissions review for 2018 is in full swing for most of our graduate programs! You may have questions about an applicant’s admissibility: Is the applicant’s degree equivalent to a four-year US baccalaureate? Is the institution accredited by the proper academic authorities? Is the grade point average equivalent to a 3.0 (B) average? Regarding accreditation, we…

February 3, 2017

Admissions Challenges Under New Executive Order

Graduate School Dean David Eaton sent the below message (excerpted) to graduate programs on February 1, 2017. With the recent Executive Order potentially impacting student entry into the US, many of you have asked how you should handle admission applications specifically from the seven countries identified in the Executive Order. The Graduate School strongly recommends…

November 23, 2016

Critical Graduate Admissions Updates

The Graduate School recently received a policy clarification from the U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency regarding conditional admissions.  In response to this clarification, the Graduate School is changing a few of our admission practices to ensure compliance with federal policy while minimizing the impact on your current admission practices and retaining fairness to all…

September 20, 2016

Program CIP Codes & F-1 Employment

We’ve made recent website updates to help you better serve your prospective F-1 applicants. The Graduate Program Unit Profiles are updated with individual program CIP codes. The “STEM programs” filter is fixed so applicants can easily sort through programs designated as STEM. The International Applicant Information webpage has a new section about F-1 Employment Options and the 24-Month STEM OPT extension….

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