GEMS Blog for Advisors

June 11, 2019

Summer 2019 – Convey Admissions Decisions Deadline

Although Spring graduation is starting next week, don’t forget that Summer quarter is right around the corner! Please be advised the fifth day of instruction, Friday, June 28, is an important admission deadline for Summer quarter (A-term, B-Term, and Full-Term).

 The following actions should be taken in MGP no later than June 28:

  • Submit admission petitions
    • Defer – admitted for Summer 2019 deferring to a future quarter
    • Early Entry* – admitted to future quarter planning to begin Summer 2019
  • Convey decisions for all Summer 2019 applications, including decisions for late applications
  • Submit student petition
    • Defer AEP requirements

* A student moving from Autumn 2019 to Summer 2019 should be processed as soon as possible to prevent registration problems. If you have any F-1 or J-1 students that wish to begin early in Summer, please contact a GEMS advisor to discuss their specific case.

We encourage you to refer to our Dates & Deadlines calendar for quarterly “Convey Admissions Decisions” deadlines and the GEMS Graduate Advisor Guide for details on the petition processes described above. Please contact with any questions about the admission deadline.