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August 18, 2020

Summer Quarter 2020: Submit Candidacy & Degree Recommendations, Two-Week Extension for ETDs

ETD Extension
The Graduate School is allowing a two-week extension for Summer 2020 for the submission of electronic theses / dissertations (ETDs):

  • Students who are registered for summer quarter, have submitted a Master’s Degree Request for summer quarter or passed their Final Exam during summer quarter, and submit their ETD by September 4th will be graduated Summer 2020.
  • These students are not required to pay the $250 Graduate Registration Waiver Fee.
  • Students who are registered Summer 2020 and have already paid the $250 Graduate Registration Waiver Fee will receive a refund.
  • This two-week extension applies only to the ETD submission for Summer 2020. All other Dates and Deadlines for Summer 2020 are unchanged.
  • Any student who submits their ETD after September 4th must register for Autumn 2020.

Students are still encouraged to complete all degree requirements by the last day of the quarter, Friday, August 21st for priority graduation. GPAs/GPCs are also encouraged to recommend graduation by Wednesday, August 26th for priority graduation. GEMS will begin graduating students on Wednesday, August 26th per usual practice.

Please use the following checklist to assist GEMS in providing a quick and successful graduation for your students:


Before you recommend a student for graduation in MyGrad, verify the following:

  • the master’s degree request indicates the correct degree code; contact GEMS if the degree code is incorrect
  • department contingencies have been cleared
  • petitions, if necessary, have been submitted and approved by GEMS
  • required courses have grades appearing on the degree audit
  • all requirements appear OK (satisfied) on the degree audit (see exceptions under Requirement Status on Degree Audit in the below section)
  • current quarter grades have posted to the transcript
  • the warrant has been printed; see MGP Help


      August 25: Per UW Registrar Office, grades due from faculty at 5 p.m. via GradeBook/GradePage

      August 26: Graduation recommendations due from GPAs/GPCs at 5 p.m. via MyGrad for priority graduation

      September 4: Graduation recommendations due from GPAs/GPCs at 5 p.m. via MyGrad

If you are unable to make all recommendations by Friday, September 4th at 5 p.m.,  email GEMS at with the student’s name and student number.

As always, thank you for your support in providing graduate students with a positive UW experience.

Requirement Status on Degree Audit

The Degree Audit is color-coded to help you quickly identify the status of requirements:

IP – The requirement is satisfied when the current or in-progress courses are completed.
NO – The requirement has not been satisfied.
OK – The requirement has been satisfied.

You can run the Degree Audit from the Student Detail Page in MGP to verify that all requirements appear OK with a few exceptions:

The following requirements will always appear as NO because they are satisfied by GEMS during graduation processing:

  • Thesis accepted by the Graduate School
  • Thesis written in English
  • Dissertation accepted by the Graduate School
  • Dissertation written in English
  • Registered as a graduate student the quarter the Final Exam is taken

The following requirement will appear as NO if the student is paying the Graduate Registration Waiver Fee:

  • Maintain registration as a graduate student through the end of the quarter in which the degree is conferred

All other requirements should appear OK before you recommend graduation in MyGrad.

Degree Audit Tips

  • Examine the IP requirements closely. Sometimes grades are missing for required courses taken in previous quarters/years.
  • Do not recommend graduation if an IP course is a required course. Confirm the grade has posted before you recommend graduation.