GEMS Blog for Advisors

September 17, 2021

Autumn 2021: Convey Admissions Decision Deadline

Please be advised the fifth day of instruction, Tuesday, October 5th, is an important admission deadline for Autumn Quarter.

The following actions should be taken in MGP no later than October 5:

  • Convey decisions for all Autumn 2021 applications, including decisions for late applications
      Note: Applications without decisions are automatically changed to “Denied” status after the 8th day of the quarter.
  • Submit student petitions
      Defer AEP (Academic English Program) requirements – admitted for Autumn Quarter deferring AEP requirement to Winter quarter.
  • Note: Students pay their Enrollment Confirmation Deposit (ECD) via the Enrollment Confirmation System (ECS), which closes on Friday, October 8 for students admitted for Autumn quarter. Students cannot pay the ECD in-person or by postal mail.

    Please contact with any questions.

    * A student moving from Winter 2022 to Autumn 2021 should be processed as soon as possible to prevent registration problems. If you have any F-1 or J-1 students that wish to begin early in Autumn Quarter, please contact a GEMS advisor to discuss their specific case.