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Reporting a Compliance Concern

Asking questions and raising concerns is an integral element of the UW Medicine Compliance Program. UW Medicine workforce members are required to report potential or suspected violations of UW Medicine compliance policies or other compliance concerns through the appropriate reporting channels.

Suspected noncompliance may be reported to supervisors, a designated entity representative, the UW Medicine Compliance department via email to or phone at 206.543.3098, or to the UW Medicine Compliance Hotline.

The UW Medicine Compliance Hotline (206.616.5248) provides a confidential communication channel and offers anonymity to individuals to report potential compliance issues. The hotline is available anytime for reporting concerns related to conflicts of interest, patient privacy, billing, ethics and noncompliance with applicable compliance policies and federal or state laws and regulations. The Compliance Hotline is monitored every business day; people who choose to leave contact information will receive acknowledgement within one business day.

Concerns received through any reporting channel are triaged to specialists, investigated and appropriate follow-up actions taken. Retaliation against individuals filing complaints is strictly prohibited.

Compliance Hotline
206.616.5248 (local) or 866.964.7744 (toll free)

Main Compliance Office:
206.543.3098 (local) or 855.211.6193 (toll free)