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Education & Training

UW Medicine compliance training programs are designed to help our workforce understand and meet the institutional policy and state and federal regulatory requirements of the work that they do. In an academic health care setting, like UW Medicine, compliance includes numerous issues such as fraud, waste and abuse prevention, conflicts of interest and ethics, reimbursement for healthcare services, patient privacy and information security. Training is an important element of the UW Medicine Compliance Program.

UW Medicine establishes compliance training requirements for our workforce in policy COMP.002: UW Medicine Compliance Training and Outreach.

Visit our Compliance Training Module Information webpage for a list of the role-based compliance training designed to help our workforce understand how to comply with the complex regulatory requirements in the workplace.

How to take Compliance Training

Compliance training is auto-assigned at onboarding and annually via the UW Medicine Learning Hub or Valley Medical Center LMS (Percipio).

Valley Medical Center/Percipio learners: Go to the Percipio landing page/login page via MyValley (Learn) or via the AccessBar (application list).

Valley Medical Center workforce unable to access Percipio should contact VMC IT Service Desk at ext. 6200 or via email.

The Compliance Learning Portal (CLP) is a learning management system for use by University of Washington and
UW Medicine workforce members who do not have an active account in the UW Medicine Learning Hub or
Valley Medical Center LMS and whose job/role requires completion of healthcare compliance training.

Compliance Alternate Training Versions:

Workforce who don’t have access to the Learning Hub or Compliance Learning Portal may take alternate training versions that are available by request. Workforce members may not have Learning Hub access because they do not have UW Medicine accounts (a requirement for access) or because they do not have access to computers at their work locations. For additional information, please contact us at

Additional Compliance Training

Ad Hoc training may be required to meet regulatory and/or policy requirements.

Numerous compliance-related training modules are available to UW Medicine workforce in our Learning Library [requires AMC login].

Issue-specific training is available by request, contact UW Medicine Compliance for assistance.