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Compliance Training FAQs

UW Medicine compliance training content covers conflicts of interest, ethics, EMTALA, protected health information, and fraud, waste, and abuse prevention. You may find answers to common questions below, if you need additional assistance, please contact UW Medicine Compliance by phone at 206.543.3098 or via email.

General Questions for Workforce Members:

What is the purpose of compliance training?

By completing the required compliance onboarding and annual training, you are being accountable for the pivotal role you play in helping UW Medicine comply with state and federal regulations and UW Medicine policies.

Further, you are helping to ensure the trust that the public places in UW Medicine.

Compliance training is designed to provide you with the resources necessary to do the right thing, and by your continual compliant actions you are putting UW Medicine patients first!

How do I access the training?

Most workforce members will access this training through the UW Medicine Learning Hub or Valley LMS (Percipio). You can access it here:

  1. UW Medicine: UW Medicine Learning Hub:
  2. Valley Medical Center: Access Percipio, the Valley Learning Management System (LMS) via My Valley (Education Center) or the Launchpad.

If you do not have access to the Learning Hub or Valley LMS, but your supervisor requires you to take compliance training, you may self-register for training through the Compliance Learning Portal.

Supervisors are asked to contact Compliance at 206.543.3098 for information.

Is every workforce member required to complete all the compliance training?

Compliance training is assigned to workforce members based on their job/role within the organization.  Because the topics included in compliance training (patient privacy, ethics, fraud, waste and abuse prevention, information security) are relevant to the majority of our workforce, a large percentage of our workforce will be required to complete some form of compliance training.  If you are assigned training, you can assume it is required and you must complete it.

For specific information, please contact UW Medicine Compliance by phone at 206.543.3098 or via email.

Why was I assigned compliance training even though I completed it in the past?

State and federal regulations require compliance training annually. Also, if a workforce member has been promoted, has transferred positions, or has left the organization and come back, they may be required to complete additional compliance training.

General Questions for Managers:

How long does training completion documentation need to be retained?
UW Medicine is responsible for retaining completion documentation for ten (10) years. The federal government mandates training record requirements.

I am a supervisor/manager, where do I view completion/status reports?

If your workforce typically takes training in the Learning Hub, you can view the status of your direct reports on “My Team” page in the Learning Hub. At Valley Medical Center, you can visit the Percipio reports page to see completion data.

If your workforce typically takes training in the CLP (not active/enabled in the Learning Hub), you can view completion reports on the UW Medicine Compliance website to assure completion.

My direct reports/group requiring training is not active/enabled in the Learning Hub, what do I do?

Supervisors and Training Coordinators with workforce not active/enabled in the UW Medicine Learning Hub, may direct workforce to complete compliance training at onboarding and annually thereafter through the Compliance Learning Portal.  Learner may self-register at:

Technical FAQ’s:

Who do I contact if have technical difficulties?

Please contact IT Services:

  1. UW Medicine: Contact UW Medicine IT Services by calling 206.543.7012 or email
  2. Valley Medical Center: Contact the Valley IT Service Desk by calling ext. 6200 or e-mail
What if I need to stop the module prior to completing the training, can I go back to where I stopped?

Yes, if you need to stop the module before completion, you can resume where you left off when you return to the training.

How do I check to see if I have completed the compliance training, where do I view my completion status?

If you typically take training in the Learning Hub/Percipio you can log in to your account, select “My Transcript” from the Learning Hub dashboard to see your completion.

If you typically take training in the CLP (not active/enabled in the LMS), you can log in to your account, select My Profile from the main menu to see your completion.