Global Health Justice

June 8, 2024

Decolonizing must challenge globalized systems of wealth extraction and profiteering.

By GHJ Team

The authors of a February 2024 Bulletin of the World Health Organization article call for global health actors to challenge current forms of corporate and financialized colonialism that operate through globalized systems of wealth extraction and profiteering. They note that most of the current narrative on decolonization focuses on correcting power imbalances between health actors in high-income and low-income countries and on challenging ideas and values of some wealthy countries that shape the practice of global health. The authors of this piece present a three-part agenda for action to address power asymmetries that exist between global health actors from historically privileged countries and their counterparts in low-income and marginalized settings, and the structures and systems of global health systems and governance. They call for political, economic, and social anticolonialism aimed at ensuring greater national, racial, cultural and knowledge diversity within the structures of global health.

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