Global Health Justice


October 12, 2023

Gaza: The root of violence is oppression

By GHJ Team

This blog from the Jewish Voices for Peace condemns the violence, mourns the lives lost, and provides a context for understanding the roots of the conflict in Israel and Gaza.  The authors note that The bloodshed of today and the past 75 years traces back directly to U.S. complicity in the oppression and horror caused…

September 13, 2022

[BOOKS] on Phantom Aid

By Fatima Al-Shimari

“Phantom Aid” refers to the phenomenon where foreign aid is promised but not effectively delivered, often due to corruption, mismanagement, or other systemic issues. Here are recommended books to explore the topic more:   “The White Man’s Burden: Historical Origins of Racism in the United States” by Winthrop D. Jordan (1974) This seminal work offers…

May 7, 2022

Apartheid logic in global health

By Steve Gloyd

Mosoka Fallah and  Eric Reinhart provide an excellent historical perspective on the global apartheid of HIV treatment in the 1990s and early 2000s as a backdrop to understanding the abject failure to provide COVID-19 prevention and care to the disenfranchised peoples of the world. They point out how such efforts perpetuate the “quasi-colonial humanitarian playgrounds…