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Arboreta and Public Gardens
Links to all regional gardens and plant collections plus major sites throughout the world.

Do you want to know a favorite plant’s botanical name, who named it, and its natural range? Botany sites will help.

Critters, Animals & Insects
Sites to help you learn how to create gardens that attract birds and wildlife or determine if that insect is a friend or foe.

Interested in learning about the natural places plants grow? Want to protect wild places under threat? Use these sites to learn about invasive plants, conservation biology and restoration efforts.

Horticultural Bookstores and Publishers
Bookstores, publishers and search engines for new, used, out of print and rare books, as well as videos and accessories.

Search the Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries directory of members or visit major library collections throughout the world.

Organizations and Plant Societies
A growing number of regional horticultural organizations now have web sites, from the American Bamboo Society to Seattle Tilth.

Pacific Northwest Gardening Gateways
The following links will lead you into the world of gardening in the unique Pacific Northwest region.

Online Periodicals
Here is a list of online gardening and horticultural magazines, and trade journals.

Plant Identification
Databases and dichotomous keys help identify mystery plants.

Plant Selection 
Online databases can help you select the best plants for your particular garden criteria or give you landscaping ideas.

Soil Tests, Plant Care and Problem Solving
The Washington State University Cooperative Extension and other sites give you the information you need to grow healthy plants and diagnose diseases and other problems.

Sources for Plants
The growth of gardening as a hobby and the increasing use of technology have made finding plants for your garden easier than ever. With hundreds of nurseries in the Puget Sound region alone, an avid gardener need not rely solely on one neighborhood nursery and the local Super Store for garden plants.