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Dividing and transplanting iris

When is the best time to divide and transplant Irises? I have Japanese, bearded and yellow flag (I think) irises.

Rhizomatous irises (the kinds you have) are best divided in midsummer:

Lift rhizomatous kinds, such as bearded iris, in midsummer and cut rhizomes into sections, each with roots and a fan of leaves; replant, with tops barely covered, 6 inches apart. Flowers will be sparse the next year, but good thereafter.
(Source: American Horticultural Society Plant Propagation, ed. by A. Toogood, 1999, p. 202)

“The optimum six weeks after flowering. This is usually in midsummer, allowing time for the new rhizome to become established and make sufficient growth to produce fans to flower the following year. New roots that began growing immediately after flowering will then be strong enough to help anchor the new plants. Early spring is another suitable time, just as the other main period of root growth is about to start, but flowering may be forfeited, and if flowers are produced the stems will almost certainly need staking. Bearded iris cultivars are tough, and if the rhizome is large they can survive out of soil for many weeks. This is not an ideal situation, but it makes transport of the plants easy.”
(Source: The Gardener’s Guide to Growing Irises, by G. Stebbings, 1997, p. 93)

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