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Edible Magnolia flowers

Are Magnolia flowers edible?

Buds, flowers, and leaves in various stages of growth have edible uses. According to the Plants for a Future database, “The flowers [of Magnolia grandiflora] are pickled in some parts of England and are considered to have an exquisite flavor. They are also said to be used as a spice and a condiment.” Cornucopia II by Stephen Facciola (Kampong Publications, 1998) confirms this and also says that the flowerbuds of Magnolia denudata are used in Asian cuisine. After removing the calyxes, the buds are pickled and used to flavor rice, and to scent tea. In Japan, the young leaves and flower buds of Magnolia hypoleuca are broiled and eaten as a vegetable. Older leaves are made into a powder and used as seasoning; dried, whole leaves are placed on a charcoal brazier and filled with miso, leeks, daikon, and shiitake, and broiled. There is a type of miso which is seasoned with Magnolia, hoba miso.