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plant exchanges

How can I find out about plant exchanges? I also have some plants I want to donate.


There are several places you can go for this information.

Houzz (formerly Garden Web) has a page with Pacific Northwest plant exchange information.

There is a Native Plant Salvage Foundation based in Thurston County through which you might be able to make some contacts or find homes for plants you want to donate. You could also explore the Washington Native Plant Society’s page on native plant sources.

Plant Amnesty has an Adopt-A-Plant program.

Community centers, places of worship, and public schools also appreciate plant donations; contact some in your area and see if they want what you have. People also post plants to share on and, or on their local “Buy Nothing” group on Facebook.

The Seattle Times published this article about plant swaps and exchanges.

Finally, various plant societies/gardening organizations have plant exchanges. Here is a link to information about such organizations:
Miller Library’s Organizations List