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The American Association of University Professors was founded in 1915 and the University of Washington chapter took shape three years later. For more than 90 years the chapter and the national organization have represented the interests and viewpoints of faculty, fighting to preserve and extend the principles of academic freedom, shared governance, and tenure.

Some AAUP chapters engage in collective bargaining, others, like the UW organization, are "advocacy chapters." UW-AAUP campaigned for years to convince the legislature to extend collective bargaining rights to faculty. The passage of SHB 2403 in 2002 means that UW faculty can consider collective bargaining.

The chapter maintains a website that contains all sorts of information about current campaigns and the chapter's rich history. Click on the logo below.



Below is a profile of chapter's history and several important links:

"AAUP at UW: Old Challenges and New Challenges" - Nassir Isaf outlines the chapter history and some of the issues of current concern in his paper for HSTAA 450.  

Read about the campaign for collective bargaining rights for faculty that resulted in SHB 2403

Read about AAUP's positions on other issues:

Diversity and affirmative action.

Distance Learning and Intellectual Property Rights

The trend toward hiring Part-Time and Adjunct faculty

 AAUP national publishes Academe, a monthly magazine that can be read on-line. Click below.


Nationally AAUP has chapters at hundreds of campuses and more than 45,000 members. Click below to learn more about them.

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These articles were written in Spring 2002. For problems or questions contact James Gregory.