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The Workers
SEIU Local 925
WFSE Local 1488
UAW Local 4121
SEIU Local 1199
GCC/IBT Local 767M

More than 6,000 people are professional staff at the University of Washington. They include the University's advisors and counselors, research scientists, engineers and consultants, administrators, managers and budget analysts; also  specialists in networks and computing, continuing education and personnel, and many others.

The Professional Staff Organization was founded in 1990 to represent the interests this large group of critical employees.  PSO lobbies the administration, the Faculty Senate, and the state legislature on issues that involve professional staff, especially the key issues of salary and workplace disputes. In April 2007 the Legislature passed Substitute House Bill 2361 granting most professional staff employees the right to unionize and engage in collective bargaining.

PSO maintains a website with further information about the organization. Click on the logo at right.

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