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SEIU Local 925
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UAW Local 4121
SEIU Local 1199
GCC/IBT Local 767M

The Washington State Nurses Association represents registered nurses at the UW Medical Center. Founded in 1908, WSNA helped develop the profession of nursing in Washington State and continues to serve RNs at hospitals throughout the state.

WSNA functions as a union, bargaining with employers over employment issues, but it also has other functions, including providing continuing nursing education programs. WSNA maintains a website that is more comprehensive than any of the other UW unions. Click the logo below:


Below are some other resources starting with an excellent student report:

"Washington State Nurses Association" - Lauren Heitmann details the history of the Washington State Nurses Association and describes how it serves members at UW Medical Center







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These articles were written in Spring 2002. For problems or questions contact James Gregory.