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3T Philips Achieva MR System

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MR Research Laboratory!

Sunday, 09-Aug-2020 19:13:35 PDT

Director: Kenneth R Maravilla, MD

The University of Washington Magnetic Resonance Research Laboratory has been providing access to state-of-the-art MR systems and technical expertise for more than a decade to scientists throughout the UW campus and collaborates with many other scientific centers throughout the world. It serves as a major site for medical research, the development of new technology, and teaching to increase scientific understanding and to promote the quality of health care. More...
Research Support:
(For Researchers and Investigators)

In addition to its role as a cutting-edge research facility, the MR Research Laboratory also provides support for multidisciplinary researchers from more than 15 departments across the UW campus. In this section, you can find practical day-to-day research activities in the Lab to assist investigators and collaborators, include:
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MR Safety Training Process
Data Access and Data Analysis
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