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Diagnostic Imaging Sciences Center

Guide to anatomical imaging at DISC

Structural images are used by researchers for the establishment of diagnoses, measurement of tissue volumes, monitoring the effects of treatment, and can serve as localization references for other types of information that can be acquired with MR, such as localized spectroscopy. Routine T1, T2, and FLAIR scans can be accelerated using Compressed SENSE on the Elition by almost 60% with minimal to no loss in SNR. The time saved can be used to try new sequences. Alternatively, the time can be spent in acquiring higher resolution data. Typical resolution for T1/T2/PD = 0.8-1 mm isotropic with a sagittal or axial acquisition.

The figure below shows T1 acquisitions (1 mm isotropic) with different compressed SENSE acquisitions.

The figure below shows FLAIR acquisitions with different compressed SENSE acquisitions.

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